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What is Bandwidth Limit?

First off, don’t confuse
"Bandwidth Limit" with Bandwidth (Speed of data transfer).

Let us consider that you have hosted a website. Now when some one tries to access your web page from any place, the following things happen..

The request will be send from the user’s machine to server (where the website is hosted) The server fetches the data of the web page and sends it to the machine from where the request came. The amount of data that is send from the server is measured in terms of Bytes. The data transfered for every such request is calculated and summed up. The total size of data that can be transferred over the period of a month is usually controlled by the web hosting provider called as "Bandwidth Limit". With "BiAnz" the bandwidth limit is 20 times that of the space purchased. If you have purchased 10 MB package you get a bandwidth limit of 200MB/month. For a small site with just few thousand visitors every month, it will not cross the bandwidth limit and is not required to bother about the same.


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