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What is the process involved in domain transfer ?

Step 1: Transfer Request
You request or order for a domain name transfer.

Step 2: Order Process
The order will be processed only if the domain name is active.

Step 3: Fetching Admin contact (Domain Name Holder) Email
Our system automatically fetches the Admin Contact (Domain Name Holder) e-mail address by contacting the Whois Server of the Current Registrar. However, sometimes the Current Registrar’s Whois Server may not respond to our request. Ideally our system attempts to fetch these details every hour. In case, the Current Registrar’s Whois Server does not respond to our system, we have to manually fetch these details. If the status of your Transfer Order continues to display this status for over a few hours, our support team will guide you to make your current registrar update the contact details.

Step 4: Admin Contact Approval
Our system sends an "Authorization Request" e-mail to the Admin Contact (Domain Name Holder) of the domain name as appearing in the Whois Server of the Current Registrar. You should Authorize the transfer by selecting the proper link in the email.

Step 5: Losing Registrar Approval
After admin contact’s approval, Current Registrar should approve the Transfer. Ideally, your domain name should be transferred with in 5 days since the time this process was initiated.

Step 6: Transfer with One year Renewal
After the above process gets completed, the domain will be automatically transfered and renewed for one more year.


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