DIY Web Sites Features !!

Create content with images using an MS-Word like tool
WYSIWYG HTML Editor helps you create rich HTML content with absolutely no prior knowledge or experience in HTML.

Create attractive web pages
With the Home Page Wizard you can now choose from a wide range of attractive ready-made design templates for your home page. Once chosen, you can go ahead and completely customize the content.

Create customized forms
Form Wizard helps you create customized forms for your website. With Form Wizard, you can now create any form containing any input field, for feedback, registration, sign up, etc. You can also include form elements like text box/area, pull down menus, radio buttons, etc.

Create a complete photo album online
Set up your complete photo album on the web with the Photo Album Editor. With the Photo Album Editor, you can upload, sort and display a series of photo image files online. What's more, you can also add a title and description for each photograph in your album, rearrange them, etc.

Incorporate any custom image or Logo on your website
All design templates have default images embedded within them. You may choose to replace these images with any image of your choice. This could even be your Logo image. This allows you to extend your branding/identity on to the newly designed website.

Optimize your website for Search Engines
This feature enables you to quickly add meta-tag information like keywords, title, description, etc., to your website. The meta-tag information will help search engines to index your website better.

Modify and rearrange your web pages at any time
You can add, rearrange, rename, or even delete pages and their corresponding links on your website. This gives you complete control over the site links and the order of page appearance.

Current Date & Time Stamp
Allows website visitors to view the current date and time, every time they visit the page.

Tell a Friend
Allows website owners to add a link to their web page, which allows website visitors to recommend the website to their friends.

Hit Counter
Allows users to choose from a range of Hit Counters that can be added to the site.

Allows users to add a link on their web page that opens up a personalized Yahoo! Calendar.

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